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Tasneem Sara - Author

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Tasneem Sara is an Author by heart, mind & soul. Well, we would say if words could have been eaten, she would have been one of the heaviest persons. She is a young and bubbly lady (a girl would be more fitting) in her twenties with 3 novels under her belt already. When most of us, in our twenties, find it hard to focus on an appropriate career path and skim through various options the life presents, here is someone who has paved her path on her own and pushing forward at a tremendous speed.

Let’s meet Tasneem Sara, the Author and the person beyond those books.IMG 0823

Tasneem, let’s start with you telling us something about yourself…

I am an author by heart. I write for myself and also for those who would want to enjoy simple joys of life. Words-that’s one thing that keep me going. Whenever I feel under the weather, I pick up a pen and paper, and ventilate my emotions. I am a bubbly, lively person, someone you might miss on dinner parties, supper evenings and camp fire gatherings. Just like I am passionate about my profession, I am equally passionate about the people I love. That includes my parents, my husband, my darling sister and all my friends who think I am worth their friendship.

And what are your publications till now,

I have written three books so far. “Definitions of Love”-my debut novel launched in 2012, followed by one of my best sellers, “One Night Stand” in the same year. I recently released the third book, “Cleaning Out My Closet” and working on the fourth one- “If Love had Boundaries”.

Aah great, did we mention about the speed earlier? Alright, when did you start into this field?

I started writing since I was 10. But that was scribbling random paragraphs and liners here and there. And then one fine day, in the middle of the night, something stirred inside me. I never thought I would write. When I personally read my books I feel, “I was always meant for this”.

And how did you start…

Now that’s a very interesting question. How did I start into this field? Well, I actually sat with a pad and pen and started writing, tearing the page one after another. At the end of the hour, when I looked around me, there was a mountain of waste papers. And then I laughed and thought, maybe I CAN write; only the beginning is difficult.

Wow, does anyone else in your family writes? I mean, to get you motivated into this field….

You must be kidding. My family is an absolute bunch of non-readers. And when I sat at the dinner table and told them I was writing, boy I still remember the look my mother threw my way. It was as if I was proposing them to fly to mars. But then, It was my mother, who listened whatever I wrote. Her support was important to me. I think what I write has a lot to do with my ethics and with my upbringing. When readers tell me, that they like what I write, I feel blessed to belong from the roots I have stemmed.

Do you think writing a novel needs planning? Or is it more like you cook up the idea one day and start following it through..

No planning! Modern fiction is a different ball game. You don’t have to think, you don’t have to worry about the style of writing, all it should be is readable, enjoyable and sensible J

Do you target any specific audience with your novels?

Naah, basically anyone who wants to read. But I think, my books are more for people who have long passed the age of falling in love. My books motivate people to fall in love once again. So people who are middle aged or even senior citizens can think of garnishing their minds with a sensational seasoning of love. After all, “an old man in love is like a flower in autumn”

O o, heavy! How do you handle marketing of your books…

I think for books, it’s more like word of mouth. It’s a very transparent profession. You like the book, pick it. If you don’t, it’s ok you can move on. Yet I meet a lot of people, attend book readings, stay connected to my past readers and try to connect to them at a personal level. This helps them to know more about the books I write.  

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I probably know the answer of it by now, but I will ask it anyway… are you happy with your current progress?

Oh yes, I am way too glad. The fact that people say, “oh I know who Tasneem Sara is” is enough to make my day. Looking it from broader perspective, I want to write books that make a benchmark in modern fiction. If you want your reader to read your book, over and over again, you need to put in those efforts in terms of writing it over and over again. I am ready to do that.

How many hours do you generally work?

Artists and writers are an eccentric bunch of people. You cannot restrict them with human made boundaries like time, deadlines or working hours. But every profession needs a kind of sincerity and discipline. I make sure I do my profession enough justice, irrespective of the number of hours I devote towards it.

And how is the competition in this field…

Well, I compete with Tasneem Sara each and every day. I compete with Tasneem Sara of Definitions of Love, and Tasneem Sara of One Night Stand and another Tasneem Sara of Cleaning out my closet. Trust me it’s quite a positive competition.

Very well said, and lastly any tips for newcomers into this field?IMG 4371 - Copy

A very important tip: Trust your writing. Trust what you have written. Trusting your own skills is the first thing that will help you climb the ladder.

A great Tip indeed. Thank you very much Tasneem, we wish you all the very best for your recent release and for your upcoming work.

Tasneem Sara can be reached at or on her Facebook page:


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