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Interviewer: Hey kid! Did you see the fire brigade?
Kid: yes!
Interviewer: Where has it have gone?
Kid: Don't know, but I wish it has gone to my school!

Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang………………………….

Yes! It’s not the opening of school that screams, but it’s the ending of vacations that pains. Education would off course be the need for them, but their childhood dances in hating schools. Mummies had their endless list of instructions forgetting the fact that they go to schools and not on an exile.

The candid chats with their children on their pick-up and drops were intensified by a sweet downpour today. An Umbrella above little angels looked like a tree on a traveler. In talks with some of the parents revealed the bribe they give to their children for convincing them to go to schools. Ideologies and concepts of an ideal student are so concretely posted on the walls of the students against their willingness.

But I am sure; they would long these days. I am sure; they would fare with their today. I am sure; they would suit well with their tomorrow.

Have a great year little buddies....

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